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ios-10-skills-made-easy-mammoth-interactive-offers-app-development-course-for-rock-bottom-priceNow that Apple has released iOS 10, Mammoth Interactive wants to help app developers get up to speed — quickly and cheaply.

The company just announced a 100-hour course that shows people how to build apps from scratch.

“Not only is this the largest iOS course ever produced, it’s also freshly updated with pure iOS 10 content,” notes Mammoth. “In this course people will learn how to code, design fantastic apps, and learn how to profit off of their new skills. No experience required!”

The company is offering a sale for all early adopters of the Mammoth iOS 10 course — all 100 hours for just 9 dollars (reg $500).

The course covers topics like Xcode basics, frameworks, and core iOS features.

“In addition, people will learn how to design apps in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop,” according to Mammoth. “Most beginners do not know how to design apps and as a result their apps look amateurish. This course will show people how to easily design apps that look professional.”

Mammoth Interactive believes it has developed a unique and effective way of teaching people how to code.

“We teach by allowing people to build practical projects that they can release by themselves. People can literally go through an app building section of our course and upload that app to the App Store.”

“This is by far the best course we have ever released,” said John Bura, Mammoth’s CEO. “I’m excited to see the impact it will have on people’s lives.”

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