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InPowered Hopes You’re Feeling Empowered to Write a Knock-Out Native AdIs there a product you really can’t get enough of? I mean, something you just really freakin’ love? If you’re so enamored of a particular product and service, why don’t you just go ahead and write up a blog or review. Do it. And who knows? You just might end up a spokesperson for that company in their next native ad.

Let’s face it. Money is money, which can be used to buy advertising in no short supply. But it’s peanuts compared to the priceless value of an independent rave review. At least, that’s theory espoused by advertising startup InPowered.

InPowered just rolled out a new product that enables advertisers to drive consumer engagement with their brands by promoting trusted, independent content.

Meet inPowered 2.0. The company tells NativeMobile that their new platform “guarantees engagement” with promoted content. We’re told that inPowered 2.0 is the first platform that charges advertisers based on the consumer’s actual engagement with their content – not clicks.

“inPowered’s cost-per-engagement pricing ensures that advertisers only pay when consumers actually spend time reading, or sharing their content – providing an alternative to current content promotion platforms that solely deliver ‘clicks’ without engagement and clickbait consumers,” the company’s formal announcement reads.

In a nutshell, inPowered’s search helps advertisers stay on top of content written about their brand or products. From there, the advertiser can delve deeper, looking at which pieces of positive content are getting some decent traction on social media. Subsequently, the popular and positive content can be sampled in a new ad promoting that advertiser’s company, product, or service, relying on the words of the blogger, journalist or reviewer who impartially praised that which is being advertised.

The strategy worked for Motorola, which — after snaring a positive review from CNET — starting running the content in ad form on sites across the Web.

And where does one see the ads?  InPowered procures mobile ad space on exchanges. In place of where display ads would appear, the authentic content-driven ad units will pop up, replacing banners that notoriously fail to secure any real engagement. Basically, inPowered serves as minister marrying real life native advertising with the scale available in the display ad marketplace.

“Nielson Research shows that people engage with content written by experts they trust more than any other content,” says Peyman Nilforoush, inPowered’s CEO. “Working with some of the major national brands as our customers, we have discovered that their pain point is clickbait and lack of engagement with promoted content. That’s why we created inPowered 2.0 and only charge brands when consumers actually engage with their promoted content.”

To learn more about the platform, which is now live and ready to roll, click here.

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