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Size Does Matter Video Ads Research Connects Screen Dimensions to Completion RatesAre political videos and videos supporting a cause really able to capture a good number of eyeballs?

The answer is yes, according to Innovid. A leading global video marketing platform for advertisers, the company has data showing that interactive political and advocacy video ad campaigns “earn an average of 336 percent more engagement over traditional video ads in the same vertical.”

“The data includes results from all 2016 and 2015 advocacy video campaigns that support a particular social, environmental, or political cause or issue,” the Innovid report summary explains. “The campaigns, powered by Innovid, ran on a variety of different platforms including desktop, mobile, Snapchat, Facebook, and connected TV devices.”

Innovid also found that political and advocacy video campaigns experienced a 130 percent lift in engagement over click-thru interactive videos in all other verticals.

“This year’s presidential election has brought political initiatives to the forefront but today’s increasingly fragmented audience has created challenges for advocacy groups wishing to target specific viewers across multiple platforms and channels with video — until now,” said Zvika Netter, the CEO at Innovid. “We’re excited to offer an innovative video marketing solution with personalized and actionable features to help political, non-profit, and advocacy organizations reach and engage voters and consumers at scale.”

The data backs up Innovid’s 2016 Global Video Benchmarks report revealing that interactive campaigns deliver an average of 44 additional seconds in time earned over traditional video ad campaigns — a boost to the causes being promoted by the videos.

“Innovid’s political and advocacy video solutions include interactive, dynamic, polling, and actionable video capabilities,” according to the report. “Marketers leveraging the Innovid platform can tap first-party or third-party data to personalize video messaging for a specific audience, rapidly respond to the changing political landscape, drive engagement by bringing content from a brand’s website to the viewer within the video player, or survey viewers to gauge their opinions and reactions.”

Of course, political and advocacy advertising spend has soared. In fact, U.S. political digital ad spend is estimated to reach one billion dollars in 2016, a 5,000 percent increase from the 2008 presidential election.

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