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Global mobile advertising platform InMobi is introducing a suite of advanced mobile video ad solutions in Europe.

Included are innovative video ad formats such as vertical videos, interactive rich-media videos, 360 degree videos, opt-in videos, full-screen, in-feed, and in-stream videos.

“Having invested in video technology for more than four years, InMobi’s new platform combines cutting edge video creatives with deep learning based optimization algorithms, to deliver the best results for brands,” the InMobi team tells us.

The timing is optimal. As ZenithOptimedia recently noted, mobile video consumption is set to reach 33.4 minutes a day by 2018, with mobile devices accounting for 64 percent of all online video consumption.

InMobi’s video platform offers several key features, including:

  • Buffer-Free Video Creatives for Higher Completion Rates – With InMobi’s Buffer-Free technology and intelligent adjustment of video resolution through adaptive streaming, these video ads deliver the fastest load time.
  • Deep Learning Based Optimization for Better Results – The platform processes over 20 billion events ingested daily into the platform, and dynamically combines first, second and third party user data in real-time to optimize campaigns against advertiser goals.
  • Cutting-edge Creative-Authoring to Deliver Video Ads at Scale – Brands can leverage InMobi’s innovative creative authoring tool to quickly customize existing TV, digital, and social video campaigns for mobile.
  • Bespoke Video Creatives to Break Through Clutter – Brands have an opportunity to work with InMobi’s award-winning creative services team to build bespoke video creatives that fully leverage device capabilities such as microphone, gyroscope, accelerometer, and others to deliver the most immersive brand experiences to users.
  • Best-in-class Viewability Solutions – InMobi has partnered with industry leaders such as Moat and Integral Ad Science for independent viewability verification, and is found to deliver a 50 percent increase in results for viewability vs. the industry standards for in-app video ads.

“InMobi has been pioneering the next generation of mobile advertising on the back of deep learning based optimization engines for several years now. We are proud to bring this to our video advertising suite in Europe after seeing tremendous success in other global markets,” said Amine Melouk, VP and General Manager, Brand Advertising for Europe at InMobi. “We feel we have set the foundation for building the largest video advertising platform in the world.”

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