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Google Play Gets Serious About Ads Alerts Developers Must Label Apps by January 11Google is getting serious about stomping out inappropriate ads and malicious apps.

“Google has revamped the look of its Center with a Material Design inspired visual overhaul, and has made changes to its policies in a bid to stamp out inappropriate ads and malicious apps,” says Rob Triggs of Android Authority.

Even “the look” is different. Now the Policy Center is divided into seven different categories, each represented by a bold-colored icon and card with an expandable dropdown list that gives an overview of subtopics.

Categories are organized into restricted content, intellectual property and spam, privacy and security, monetization and ads, store listings, enforcement, and updates, Triggs tells us, noting that Google is also attempting “to curate a better app store experience with this update, having made a few changes to its rules and policies.”

What else? Now there’s a requirement that prevents apps from attempting to bypass system power management features.

Additionally, Google is giving developers 30 days to either unpublish or fix their apps.

Want to read through all of the new rules? Click here.

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