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In-App Ad Views Still Need Improvement, VerificationIf you spend any time with apps on mobile, you’re aware that in-app ads are part of the process.

In-app advertising is designed to capture a consumer’s attention, and is part of the monetization plan of most brands today.

But what if consumers don’t see the ads? That’s a bigger problem than many peddlers of in-app ads often acknowledge.

The reasons are various — from poor Wi-Fi connections as consumers are “on the go,” to insufficient Software Development Kits (SDKs) that channel ads on demand.

Or, as Jason Cooper puts it in a discerning iMediaConnection commentary, “In order to best monetize their apps, developers often install SDKs — a piece of technology that provides a platform to bring the buy- and sell-sides together to trade mobile inventory — from multiple ad vendors. When a consumer opens an app on their device and an impression becomes available, the app’s SDKs will contact advertising vendors to request a banner for the ad slot.”

Multiple SDKs can help, as they provide better access to buy-side demand. It’s a form of “overbooking” that actually works in advertisers’ favor.

The growth of in-app mobile ads has been phenomenal and will continue to rise. In order for this to remain viable, consumers can’t be subjected to lag time (they’ll drift away quickly — in less than a second) and advertisers will need verification that their ads were rendered and viewable.

Cooper, general manager for mobile at Integral Ad Science, thinks there are ways to deal with this issue.

“The first area to be addressed is education — many brands and agencies are simply not aware of the potential that their ads may not be seen,” Cooper explains. “Advertisers need to ensure they are being billed only on ads that have the opportunity to be seen.”

One of the best moves for in-app advertisers? Retaining a third-party verification vendor with the technology to detect when in-app ads are in view.

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