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Immersion Corporation, a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, announced Monday what it calls an expansion of its license agreement in the mobile market with Kyocera Corp., a global supplier of mobile phones.

MAW has been told that Kyocera is the first smartphone OEM to license Immersion’s TouchSense Lite technology.

So what exactly is TouchSense Lite? The company bills it as being a turn-key, cost-efficient solution enabling standard quality haptics leveraging a pre-designed library of tactile effects.

“This offering is easier to integrate as it is implemented at a higher level of the software stack and packages predefined built-in effect sets tuned for a range of common hardware configurations in the mobile market,” a provided statement explains. “Integration guidelines and haptic design best practices are also provided in the product package to help OEMs facilitate implementation.”

In short, the innovative technology in question enables mobile products to engage users’ sense of touch by incorporating “high-quality tactile effects and feedback in user interfaces and applications to simulate the connected experiences of the real world.”

“We are pleased to see Kyocera become our easy-to-integrate TouchSense Lite licensee,” said Nobumitsu Shimada, Immersion’s Representative Director and Country Manager for Japan. “Adding touch effects creates an impactful experience in a wide range of smartphone models, from feature rich phones to mid-tier and utility phones.”

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