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Immersion Aids Mobile Device Manufacturers Via Launch of TouchSense ProductsImmersion Corp., a developer and licensor of touch feedback technology that MAW has covered since our inception, has now launched TouchSense Premium and TouchSense Lite.

These two new products are designed to provide OEMs with more options for implementing Immersion’s TouchSense technology in Android mobile devices.

“TouchSense technology enables device manufacturers, app developers, and UX designers to design high-quality, power-efficient tactile effects that enhance the user experience for mobile apps and device UI,” the company announced Wednesday.

Immersion launched TouchSense Premium and TouchSense Lite to address current issues experienced by device manufacturers. While OEMs designing high-end mobile handsets require high-fidelity effects, what do many crave? Something affordable to produce high-quality haptic effects for lower-end devices.

“Mobile phone manufacturers have a range of products from feature rich, premium phones to mid-tier and utility phones. Until now Immersion has offered a high-fidelity, haptic solution primarily used on the most premium phones,” said Todd Whitaker, VP of Product Management and Marketing at Immersion.

“With the introduction of TouchSense Lite, we now have an offering that is both lower cost as well as much easier to integrate for mid-tier and utility phone models,” Whitaker added. “In addition, with the introduction of TouchSense Premium, we have added pressure sensing capabilities as a standard capability to our highest fidelity flagship offering. These two products enable phone manufacturers to offer consistent, high-quality haptics across their product lines.”

For high-end mobile devices, TouchSense Premium is touted as being the best-in-class solution offering the highest quality haptics available. For mid- to low-end devices, TouchSense Lite is a turn-key, cost-efficient offering for enabling quality haptics using a pre-designed library of tactile effects.

For those who want to know more, additional information on TouchSense technology is available here.

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