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IBM Introduces Bluemix OpenWhisk Tools to Speed Development of IoT AppsBig Blue is out with some big new advancements for its ‘Bluemix OpenWhisk,’ an event-driven programming model which utilizes Docker containers.

IMB says the new tools will allow developers to build feature-rich, intuitive apps which easily connect into the Internet of Things, “as well as tap into advanced services such as cognitive, analytics and more — without the need to deploy and manage extra infrastructure.”

The new tools, NPM Module and Node-RED, will enable developers to more rapidly build event-driven apps, which automatically execute user code in response to external actions and events.

The company is slated to begin rollout of updates to the OpenWhisk user experience soon.

Features include step-by-step workflows, new wizards to configure third party services and feeds, and a new editor to manage sequences of actions.

“Unlike other platforms, developers can immediately begin building with containers on Bluemix, without the hassle of configuring and connecting prerequisite programs and code,” notes the company.

IBM announced the Bluemix OpenWhisk platform as an open and cloud-first event-driven programming service in February. The tool’s compute model allows developers to quickly build micro-services which execute code in response to events – such as the clicking of a mouse or the receipt of sensor data from an IoT device.

To check out a demo of the new OpenWhisk user interface, watch the video shared below.

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