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IAB Launching Nonprofit Research and Development Tech LabThe Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) recently announced the formation of the IAB Technical Laboratories — a nonprofit research and development consortium.

The goal of the effort is to “simplify and reduce the costs associated with the digital advertising and marketing supply chain- and for individual companies’ businesses.”

The lab will head the development of technical standards, create a code library, and establish a test platform for companies to evaluate their compatibility of their technology solutions with IAB standards.

According to details shared with NativeMobile, other objectives will include:

  • Saving time and money for member companies by providing industry certification for technology vendors
  • Streamlining processes through the reduction of compatibility issues
  • Driving industry standards in video, mobile, “The Internet of Things,” and other emerging areas

The lab will be governed by an independent Board of Directors and Executive Committee, though management of the Tech Lab will report to senior IAB leadership to assure alignment of the two associations. Member companies outside the U.S. will be accepted and marketers and agencies are invited to join.

Companies that are already IAB General Members will automatically become members of the IAB Tech Lab, at no cost beyond their IAB dues.

IAB will widen its criteria for full voting, or “General,” membership from “sellers of interactive advertising inventory” to “companies that sell, distribute, or optimize digital advertising or marketing programs.”

A number of current nonvoting, or “Associate,” member companies will now be eligible to vote, serve on the IAB Board of Directors, and chair IAB Committees and Councils.

The IAB Board voted unanimously on September 17 in favor of the change in IAB membership criteria, and the IAB’s current General Members subsequently overwhelmingly approved the expansion.

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