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How Much Programmatic? It Tops Two-Thirds for U.S. Digital Display AdsIn its recent U.S. programmatic forecast, eMarketer estimated that more than two-thirds of all digital display advertising in the U.S. will be purchased programmatically.

How much are we talking? In 2016, programmatic digital display ad spend could reach $22.10 billion — a spike of 39.7 percent over 2015. At that point, it would comprise 67.0 percent of all digital display ad spending in the country.

“Programmatic is extremely efficient and unparalleled in its ability to pair rich audience data with ad inventory and targeting,” explained eMarketer senior analyst Lauren Fisher. “Buyers and sellers are also becoming more comfortable with the technology. As a result, it is being rapidly adopted across a variety of channels and ad formats.”

It’s mobile that is driving growth of programmatic ad spending.

“This year, mobile programmatic spending will reach $15.45 billion in the U.S., representing 69.0 percent of all programmatic digital display ad spending,” according to the report. “Next year, mobile video programmatic spending will exceed its desktop counterpart for the first time.”

All and all, 2016 will be a critical year. And next year?

“(That) will be the tipping point for programmatic mobile video ads, as mobile surpasses desktop for the first time,” eMarketer contends. “By 2017, programmatic mobile video ad spending will reach $3.89 billion, representing 51.0 percent of total programmatic ad spending in the U.S. By comparison, programmatic desktop-based video ad spending will reach $3.73 billion, dropping to 49.0 percent of total programmatic digital display ad spending.”

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