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Horizon Media Raises The Bar on Digital AdvertisingWhen it comes to digital advertising, agencies and trading desks will tell you that they only want to bid on inventory that the consumer will actually be able to view. The only problem is that no one can guarantee that this is going to happen. horizon Media however, an independent media buying company, is claiming to be the first to guarantee “in-view” inventory using a system that it’s been testing over the last year.

Developed with Turn, their bidding agent, along with analytics from RealVu, the system filters non-viewable inventory out before any bids are made by Horizon. Donnie Williams, CDO of Horizon, had this to say about the new system; “We really don’t see any value in bidding on inventory that’s not in-view, we’re trying to carve those impressions out and get as close to 100% as possible.” Williams added that, since the program was started, Horizon has achieved in-view levels that are “north of 99%.”

Combining RealVu’s Content Rendering Control Technology with the programmatic bidding algorithms from Turn, Horizon offers a multilayered approach that ensures advertising is viewable to the consumer before they actually make a bid. In fact, the Media Rating Council recently accredited RealVu’s system due to their ability to provide a “viewable impression” metric.

Williams said that this new system will provide a practical solution to the “view ability” problem, automate the buying process and create greater transparency in the advertising marketplace. Considering that current industry standards deem an online ad “viewable” if only 50% of ad content is visible for at least one second to an online viewer, Horizons new system couldn’t have come at a better time.

Making the system work involves “a chain of people” according to Williams, including the need to embed RealVu’s code in to ad content, something that he sees as being in the best interest of publishers. “We think that over time the yield will be better for publishers” he said, explaining that viewable inventory is the only way to create greater liquidity, push demand and increase prices. The way Williams sees it, advertisers won’t balk at paying a premium as long as they know that their advertising is actually getting in front of the people it’s intended for.

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