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Here’s What Happened in Mobile Advertising This WeekHere are the top stories from around the world of mobile advertising that we’ve been following in the past week.

Amplitude Study: No Way on ‘N Day’ Because This Metric Underestimates App Retention
Amplitude, an analytics firm that helps mobile and web companies understand user behavior, has released its findings from a study of retention data collected from its popular analytics platform.

Early Holiday Gift: AdWords Editor Now Supports Mobile-First Advertising Tools
Everyone is moving to a “mobile first” strategy — not just smartphone users, but now Google AdWords.

The First Rule of App Club: We Talk About Retargeting (Yep, It’s the Second Rule, too)
Retargeting has become a marketing must-do for advertisers of apps. After the initial contact, ongoing engagement by consumers can make or break an app in the long run.

IAB App Marketing Terms Glossary: Want to Get a Bingo? You Gotta Know the Lingo
If you want to learn the lingo of app marketing, you’ve got 100 terms to … well … come to terms with, according to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Shopgate Debuts Facebook Analytics for Apps Integration
Shopgate, Inc., a leading mobile app platform, is launching something new. The company confirmed to MAW on Wednesday its launch of Facebook Tools.

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