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Here are the top stories from around the world of mobile advertising that we’ve been following in the past week.

FIRST LOOK: Smaato Offers Self-Service Inventory Discovery to Reach Target Audiences
Smaato is introducing the mobile advertising industry’s first Inventory Discovery feature.

Ready to Rumble? Publishers Had High Hopes, But Platforms Scoring Most the Benefits
Publishers made substantial bets that social media could foster brand engagement, boosting interest in their content. With their content distributed on platforms from Facebook to Google and across a variety of popular syndicated sites, publishers were hoping those forays would lead traffic back to their own sites.

Banner Ads Embattled Everywhere But Still Big in Asia-Pacific
Banner ads may soon be the latest victim of the move to better mobile formats and the growing use of video. Mobile users aren’t big fans of traditional display ads — and banner ads are considered the worst of the lot.

Facebook Will Expand Measurement to More Advertisers
Facebook will use Atlas’ people-based measurement solutions to help marketers on its site optimize their cross-device advertising strategies.

First Look: Adbrain, Eyeota Set Sights on New Mobile Audiences
MAW scored an exclusive sneak peek at the big news from Eyeota. A global leader for audience data shared with us this week the breaking news that the company has partnered with Adbrain, a leading provider of intelligent cross-device technology solutions, to extend Eyeota’s audience data from desktop into mobile.

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