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Here’s What Happened in Mobile Advertising This WeekHere are the top stories from around the world of mobile advertising that we’ve been following in the past week.

FIRST LOOK: YouAppi Expands OneRun Platform with High ROI Re-Engagement
Could re-engagement be the secret sauce needed by premium mobile apps to stoke better ROI?

Google Goes Genghis: Millions of Play Store Apps Could Fall Under Purge Sword
Between 1206 and his death in 1227, the Mongol leader Genghis Khan conquered nearly 12 million square miles of territory—more than any individual in history. Along the way, he cut a ruthless path through Asia and Europe that left untold millions dead.

New Study Says Mobile Gaming Most Targeted for Ad Fraud
Mobile ads have become more susceptible to ad fraud — and gaming apps are more than twice as likely to be targeted than other entertainment apps.

Facebook’s Updates to Ad Policies, Tools Designed to Counter Discrimination
“Discriminatory advertising has no place on Facebook.” That’s the first line — and the bottom line — for Facebook’s recent announcement of changes to its policies and tools.

Is Your Mobile Ad Strategy Killing Your App Revenues?
In free-to-play (F2P) mobile games it’s common for fewer than 2% of players to spend money via in-app purchases (IAP). Therefore, the attraction to integrate advertising as a way of monetizing the remaining player base is obvious.



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