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Here Comes the Pipeline — Data Stream Designed for Real-Time, a provider of audience insights for digital publishers and brands, just announced the availability of the Data Pipeline.

The pipeline is a live stream of user- and event-level data that is “structured for sophisticated analysis and real-time data engineering projects.” has already attracted a crowd of customers with this offering. Clients include The Telegraph, Mashable, Slate, Gawker, and Conde Nast.

“’s Data Pipeline was created in response to an industry call for direct access to data for engineers, analysts, and data scientists,” the crew tells us. “The real-time infrastructure builds upon’s dashboard and API offerings, which already collect and process billions of user events per month.”

According to Andrew Montalenti, a co-founder and the CTO at, this will allow clients to worry about analysis rather than the technology.

“Digital publishers and other web companies have long felt that point vendor solutions are holding their data hostage,” said Montalenti. “’s Data Pipeline unlocks this data, making it easy to build an in-house practice around analytics. This lets our customers focus on meaningful analysis, rather than the arduous task of building and managing data infrastructure.”

Customers are able to use first-party data about their audience to gain deeper insights into valuable user segments, campaign tracking, device segmentation, and more.

“The better an organization can utilize its data, the closer it comes to understanding its audience,” said Sachin Kamdar, co-founder and CEO at “With our Data Pipeline, we’re pleased to provide sites with a turnkey way to bring their raw data in-house. Taking ownership of your data is the first step; unlocking its secrets is next.’s here to help you do both.”

Want more details on’s Data Pipeline? Check it out here.

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