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Can young people learn to code? Yes, if they’re introduced to the basics early and allowed to get some practice.

That’s the central thesis behind Tynker’s success. A leader in creative computing, the company has introduced more than 50 million kids to computer programming through innovative game-like learning activities and courses.

Now Tynker is launching two new courses—Space Cadet and Dragon Spells—to support the Everyone Can Code program from Apple. The free courses are available through the Tynker iPad app. Both allow students to solve 115 levels of coding puzzles and create do-it-yourself projects using Tynker’s visual code blocks and the Swift programming language.

Tynker’s Space Cadet and Dragon Spells courses are incorporated into the Get Started with Code 1 and Get Started with Code 2 teacher guides, available for free on iBooks.

“The Everyone Can Code program from Apple is designed to help anyone learn, write and teach code, and we are thrilled to help students on their journey from no coding experience to building apps,” said Krishna Vedati, the co-founder and CEO of Tynker. “Space Cadet and Dragon Spells were purpose-built to enable kids unfamiliar with coding to learn using visual code blocks and then ‘toggle’ to the Swift programming language as they progress in their development.”

“The Everyone Can Code program is exactly what we’ve been looking for in a cohesive coding curriculum,” says Jennie Magiera, Apple Distinguished Educator and Chief Innovation Officer at Des Plaines Public Schools in Illinois and author of Courageous Edventures. “The lessons are clear and easy to follow, even for teachers with no coding experience.”

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