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Seeing the World Through Search Google's Recap for 2015Marketers are always seeking answers to questions that might help them better fine-tune their operation. Here’s a common one: “Why did that shopper put items in a cart and never return?”

Now Google has a plan to help them. It comes in the form of a new version of the company’s online survey product and it’s called ‘Google Surveys 360.’

Though Google has offered a survey product for some time, this latest iteration is integrated with Google’s “Analytics 360 Suite” and features functionalities specifically geared towards marketers. Best of all, it gives marketers a way to reach specific groups of users based on their exposure  to specific content or on their individual actions.

As Google explains it, “Now for the first time, marketers of all types can get fast, accurate market research — in combination with their marketing performance and analytics data — to help them make key business decisions at the speed of today’s digital world. Google Surveys 360 makes doing market research as easy as buying an airline ticket with your favorite app.”

Google Surveys 360, previously called Google Consumer Surveys, is now merged into the Google Analytics 360 Suite.

“With a panel of 10 million-plus online respondents and 1 million surveys fielded weekly, it offers enterprise marketers (of all types) access to a brand new layer of data and insights into what consumers are doing and thinking,” notes Google.

Clients who’ve tested it like the results.

“Nest uses the and recently beta tested Google Surveys 360,” said Harry Tannenbaum, Head of Analytics at Nest. “By using our website analytics data, we surveyed shoppers who browsed our product pages but left without purchasing. As marketers we wanted to know: why did shoppers leave our site without purchasing? And that’s exactly what we learned. This insight has given Nest an opportunity to address buyers needs — adding more in-depth product information to our site, turning browsers into buyers.”

Google Surveys 360 is now available for purchase in the U.S and Canada as part of the Analytics 360 Suite.


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