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Google Rolls Out Update to Its Unified App Platform FirebaseGoogle is rolling out a major update to Firebase, its complete platform for building mobile and web applications.

What’s new? Firebase Analytics  — announced this week at Google I/O. It’s bulled as the new, free, and unlimited analytics solution for mobile apps.

It benefits from Google’s experience with Google Analytics, with new capabilities for apps.

“Firebase Analytics is user and event-centric and gives you insight into what your users are doing in your app,” according to the blog post containing details. “You can also see how your paid advertising campaigns are performing with cross-network attribution, which tells you where your users are coming from. You can see all of this from a single dashboard.”

Audiences has also made its debut.

“Firebase Analytics is also integrated with other Firebase offerings to provide a single source of truth for in-app activity and through a feature called Audiences. Audiences let you define groups of users with common attributes.”

There’s other news, as well — including the integration of Google Cloud Messaging, the most popular cloud-to-device push messaging service in the world, with Firebase. Henceforth to be known as Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM), it’s also free and it supports messaging on iOS, Android, and the Web.

Other enhancements include — among other things — file storage and app crash tools.

“One of our most requested features is the ability to store images, videos, and other large files. We’re launching Firebase Storage so developers can easily and securely upload and download such files. Firebase Storage is powered by Google Cloud Storage, giving it massive scalability and allowing stored files to be easily accessed by Google Cloud projects. The Firebase Storage client SDKs have advanced logic to gracefully handle poor network conditions,” explains Google.

Then there’s the cure for app crashes.

“Firebase Crash Reporting gives you prioritized, actionable reports to help you diagnose and fix problems in your iOS or Android app after it has shipped. We’ve also connected Crash Reporting to Audiences in Firebase Analytics, so you can tell if users on a particular device, in a specific geography, or in any other custom segment are experiencing elevated crash rates.”

There’s a whole lot more to take in — so check out the entire blog post here.

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