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Google Promoting Smart Display Campaigns to Reach Desired CustomersGoogle Display Network (GDN) is now promoting its Smart display campaigns which rolled out to advertisers this week.

Billed as a way for marketers to reach customers more easily, Smart display campaigns is an offering designed — with the benefit of Google’s machine learning — to “find the right customers, tailor creative to them, and set optimal bids.”

That’s essential on GDN, which now features more than three million apps and websites.

“Only Google provides automation like this at scale, helping deliver richer experiences to consumers and better results for brands,” a Google AdWords post explains. “In fact, advertisers who use Smart display campaigns are seeing an average 20 percent increase in conversions at the same CPA, compared to their other display campaigns.”

Google cited the example of trivago, a hotel search platform. The company used Smart display campaigns to successfully snag travelers. After trivago provided creative assets (such as Headlines like “Find Great Hotel Deals,” descriptions of its hotel listings, beautiful images of destinations like Rome and London, and its logo) and a target CPA and daily budget, AdWords went to work.

AdWords created more than 25,000 tailored ads and showed them to travelers shopping for hotel deals. With Smart display campaigns, trivago drove 36 percent more conversions at the same CPA, compared to its other similar display campaigns.

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