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Google Play has been promoting the subscription business model for Android and Google Play. The company says both developers and users appreciate subscription apps, leading to 10-times growth in consumer spend over the past three years and double the number of active subscribers in the past year.

“In addition to free trials, intro pricing, flexible billing periods, and more, we recently launched the ability to pay for subscriptions with Google Play balance,” notes the company. “Although people have already been using gift cards to pay for Play content in over 20 countries, the use of gift cards to pay for subscriptions in regions where cash is a popular form of payment, such as Latin America, has resulted in as high as a 15 percent increase in subscription spend.”

How about retaining existing customers? Google Play is pushing a new “account hold” feature, which allows developers to block access to content or service if a user’s form of payment fails.

“This directly links a payment failure to the user losing access to your content and/or premium features, which is enough to get them to go and choose a new form of payment,” according to Google.

The company is also debuting a new subscriptions dashboard in the Play Console, as well as a new report on Android app subscribers. The dashboard brings together subscription data like new subscribers, cancellations, and total subscribers. It will also display daily and 30-day rolling revenue data and single out a developer’s top-performing products.

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