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Google Play Has Updated App Guide and New Video TipsGoogle Play, which reaches more than a billion people on Android devices in more than 190 countries, launched search ads last year to boost the app discovery process for consumers.

It’s a critical thing. Both Google Play and the Apple’s App Store are still the key go-to places when people want to find the newest apps or enjoy the latest music, movies, and books.

Now Google wants to “build on the momentum” of those search ads with a bit of what it regards as “fine-tuning the ads experience on Google Play to deliver even more growth for the developer community.”

According to Google’s blog, for “app-specific searches on Google Play, ads in their current form will not be shown at the top of the page. Instead, the organic result for the app will show at the top of the page, followed by additional organic results and possibly ads for other relevant apps.”

How does that work?

“When a user searches for ‘Google Express,’ she will see the organic result for ‘Google Express’ without an identical ‘Google Express’ ad above it,” explains Google. “This change is part of our ongoing commitment to improve user experience and advertiser performance. We encourage developers to monitor your campaigns as there may be some natural changes in performance metrics as we roll out these updates.”

And there’s more.

“Second, a relevant, additional ad will start to show on Google Play for some queries like “music streaming app” and “exercise app.” This new ad spot gives developers an additional opportunity to promote the apps you’ve worked so hard to build.”

Search ads on Google Play have — according to the company — proven their worth as good ways for consumers to surface new apps and provide additional value for developers.

App developers and marketers will want to track how this affects their businesses and let Google Play know what’s working and what’s not.

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