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The early bird gets the worm, even when the bird is Google and the worm is a satisfied searcher.

Faster load times for mobile search functions and display ads has been a prime concern for AdWords in recent months. Eighteen months ago, it launched the open source Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Project to speed up progress on that front.

Now the company is expanding how it “surfaces fast-loading AMP pages on Google Search — starting with the top stories carousel and extending to organic search listings.”

Two items include a new AdWords beta that lets marketers use fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for their search ads. The company is also speeding up ads served across the Google Display Network, with help from the same technology responsible for fast-loading AMP pages.

“We’ve said before that the median page load time for an AMP page from Google Search is under one second,” noted Google. “If that wasn’t already fast enough, last week we announced that these pages are now twice as fast. No wonder AMP has been so widely adopted – more than 2 billion AMP pages have been published from 900,000 domains.”

In addition, the AMP Ads Initiative — designed to develop  the technology to power fast-loading AMP pages and ads — continues to make progress.

“As of today, a significant number of ads shown on AMP pages across the Google Display Network are automatically converted and served in the new AMP ad format,” said the company. “We’ve found these ads load up to 5 seconds faster than regular ads even though the creative looks exactly the same.”

You can read more about Google AdWords initiatives here.

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