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Google Acquires Divshot to Fortify Firebase Development PlatformWhile Google is always trying to fortify its own company, it’s not above leaving the fort every now and then to scout out smaller firms that could make the search giant more competitive.

Although Google is no longer the parent company to all things associated with it (that territory now falls to Alphabet), it still has companies under its wing.

“The latest to become a part of (Google) is a company called Divshot, which is focused on helping app developers create visually striking and sleek looking apps, utilizing easy-to-use tools like drag and drop functions,” according to our friends at AndroidHeadlines. “Although now part of Google, Divshot will be joining on under the umbrella of Firebase, which is Google’s development platform for app developers that they picked up last October.

Firebase and Divshot have previously collaborated on development efforts — for instance, Firebase once sponsored a hackathon put on by Divshot called the “Static Showdown.”

Divshot is already starting to bring their expertise to the Firebase team with an announcement that they are launching a new command-line interface for the Firebase platform.

“With this in place, developers will be able to do things locally as the new command line is powered by a local static web server,” according to the report. “Although Divshot seems to be heavily focused on the future of things in their new home, they’re also not forgetting about existing Divshot customers, and are giving them tools to make an easy transition over to Firebase hosting services.”

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