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How critical is to marketers’ goals that an advertising medium is trusted?

It could be more important than raw viewership numbers or demographics.

That insight comes from a new GfK MRI Network Affinity study. The study offers a look at viewer trust in and feelings of connection to over 150 TV networks and the ads they air.

“The research reveals that trust in networks does not always translate into trust in advertising on those channels – but, in other cases, ad trust may actually eclipse network affinity,” according to the research summary provided.

What networks make the cut?

“Looking at 6 network categories (each consisting of multiple networks in that genre), GfK MRI’s study shows that roughly half of viewers of News (49 percent) and ‘How-to’ (48 percent) networks say they strongly trust those networks. In addition, 46 percent of News network viewers also say that those networks ‘reflect their personal values.’

Viewers of Spanish-language networks have the strongest feelings, with nearly half (48 percent) saying they trust the ads on those networks.

“Kids & Family (31 percent), News (31 percent), and ‘How-to’ (30 percent) networks posted roughly the same scores for advertising trust, with Sports following at 23 percent and Broadcast networks at 18 percent, the data shows.

Spanish-language networks also earned top scores from their viewers in both community (54 percent) and engagement (46 percent).

The findings come from GfK MRI’s annual Network Affinity research and are based on an online study of roughly 10,000 nationally representative respondents.

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