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Get a Girl, Test Your Photos Consumer Acquisition Reveals Best Facebook Mobile App Ad StrategiesAdvertising a mobile social app on Facebook? It’d be a good idea to find a photo of a female to accompany it.

That’s just one of the recommendations provided by Consumer Acquisition, a full-service provider of advertising and technology for mobile apps on Facebook and Instagram.

Findings based on an analysis of 100,000 Facebook ads were recently released by the firm in a captivating whitepaper – “100K Facebook Ads Tested: Here’s What Works!

With the goal of “understanding what works best for advertisers to maximize their performance using Facebook ads,” Consumer Acquisition is outlining some best practices, which include:

  • Image Testing (because images are responsible for 75-90 percent of ad performance and testing reveals which work best).
  • Great Creative (Facebook requires that all text including logos must take up no more than 20% of the total ad real estate, so position text horizontally or vertically with a contrasting background color to make the biggest impact).
  • Female Leads in Social Apps (Consumer Acquisition’s research shows that men and women alike prefer advertisements featuring women).

“Facebook ads deliver the highest return on investment to advertisers, and we wanted to share detailed examples on how to generate the best results to help advertisers reach their financial goals,” said Brian Bowman, Consumer Acquisition’s CEO. “This study shares many best practices on how to generate the most compelling Facebook advertising to help companies better prepare for the holiday advertising season.”

Want to know more? Download the white paper here.