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Are your TV viewing habits defined by your age? The answer is likely “yes,” according to direct response agency Koeppel Direct.

Koeppel Direct’s new in-depth infographic reveals that while baby boomers prefer to watch live programming, Gen X records shows on DVR to watch later. Millennials? They’re big into streaming shows on mobile devices — any time and almost any place.

The common thread between the generations? Binge watching.

“While each generation consumes media differently, they all have one habit in common: binge watching,” the Koeppel crew tells us. “In fact, 70 percent of Americans binge watch TV shows, with an average of five episodes per binge session.”

Binge watching is a newer trend and it’s popular among all demographics, from baby boomers (58 percent) and Gen X (76 percent) to millennials (84 percent). That’s one reason Netflix — with its instant episodes and ad-free options — remains a top subscription service.

The infographic — “Switching Channels: The Evolution of Television, Binge Watching & Advertising” — serves up information about the evolution of television viewing habits and the latest trends in TV advertising. As a result, it provides some actionable insights for brands that want to maximize their ad spend — and help them effectively communicate with target audiences.

“As more consumers opt for subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services, advertisers are required to rethink their audience targeting and direct response strategy,” according to Koeppel Direct. “More brands are shifting from traditional TV ads towards digital ads. Cross-channel video advertising — such as in-stream, display, mobile and programmatic ads — now play an increasing role in brands’ strategies.”

Want to view the complete infographic? Click here.

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