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The Gap Between Time Spent on Mobile Devices and Money Spent on Mobile Advertising is Shrinking FastNew data from BI Intelligence shows that, when it comes to digital advertising, the mobile segment is growing faster than any other. This definitely reflects the growing number of US consumers who are becoming so-called “mobile first” users, going to their mobile devices before they do their TVs, laptop computers or any other electronic devices.

But there‘s actually still quite a gap between the amount of money being spent on mobile advertising and the amount of time that consumers spend on their mobile devices. Right now it’s significantly less than one would presume, considering that the amount of time is growing quickly and significantly, but the amount of money being spent is quickly catching up.

BI Intelligence expects that, as targeting improves and more advertisers discover how to effectively take advantage of the mobile advertising platform, the gap between time spent and money spent is going to shrink quickly.

In their report, they contrast and compare the biggest formats being used on mobile devices right now, which include display, social, video and search (Those who download the report will also find exclusive breakdowns on the expected growth rate of those formats, and their performance as well).

All told, the report provides a plethora of information about all things advertising and mobile and can be downloaded by anyone who signs up for a trial membership. If you happen to be in the advertising industry, it’s probably not a bad idea.

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