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Gamer Advertising Goes Emo MediaBrix Report Shows Strategy Ups Engagement Rates 543 Times HigherAdvertising may be more emotional than we think.

Brands purposely reaching out to users at critical moments during game play are finding that the more emotional the moments, the more they can outperform other ad formats.

That’s confirmed by a recent report from MediaBrix. A leading platform for “humanizing advertising by connecting brands with people during emotional moments,” MediaBrix has released the fourth MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming Report. “It confirms that targeting users as they experience emotions aligned to rescue, reward, and encourage moments in gameplay achieve brand performance metrics as much as 543 times what other digital advertising formats can deliver.”

MediaBrix, we’re told, spent months analyzing and compiling benchmark data to gauge the performance of cross-platform social game advertising campaigns as compared to online, social, and mobile advertising. It includes the following performance metrics segmented by the key emotions players experience during gameplay and across the platform as a whole: click-through rates (CTRs), engagement rates, video completion rates (VCRs), interaction rates, and reward acceptance rates.

Some takeaways include the evidence that when users are feeling defeated, frustrated or in need of help, such ad placements offer brands “the chance to relieve those feelings and be the hero by supporting players in need.”

What MediaBrix calls “rescue” advertising garners an average CTR 66 times higher than online and mobile rich media ads. It also snares engagement rates 543 times higher than do Facebook brand posts.

The strategy also works with rewards. When users are feeling ecstatic about their high achievement or personal best, that emotional state can empower brands to gift and connect with users during this positive moment. Reward garners average CTR 50 times higher than online and mobile rich media ads and engagement rates 460 times higher than a Facebook brand post.

Interestingly, MediaBrix also discovered that its online audience has grown older, is better educated, and has more money (compared to 2013).

The report shows there has been a 47 percent increase in players ages 45-65+; a 23.4 percent increase players that are college educated; and a 14.8 percent increase in players who take home an annual household income of $75-$150K+.

“Believe it or not, digital advertising doesn’t have to disrupt or annoy people. It can be thoughtful and even humanize brands in users’ eyes,” said MediaBrix CEO Ari Brandt. “The key is understanding and acknowledging the state of mind of that user, then being respectful with your proposed interaction. Brands reaching players during emotional moments aligned to rescue, reward and encourage can fortify the user experience.”

It’s all about emotional engagement, according to Brandt.

“This puts brands in a position to make true emotional connections with players, all the while driving the highest returns and brand performance metrics of any digital ad formats available today,” he said.

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