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Gameloft Advertising Solutions Expands with Rich Mobile Formats and New Targeting OptionsGameloft Advertising Solutions is out with some new rich media mobile advertising formats.

The company is launching Minigame, FORM, SITE, and also a new geolocation feature that matches advertising campaigns with users according to their locations.

Minigame is a “fun and innovative format customized to offer a total immersion in the universe of the brand,” the Gameloft gang tells us. “FORM is as interstitial survey that allows clients to run customer recruitment campaigns and enhances their audience insights. (And) SITE is a unique showcase highlighting a product/brand in a manner adapted to the mobile environment, with all of the features a website can offer: 360° product view, photo galleries, customization options, contact form, etc.”

The new formats are just one part of what Gameloft Advertising Solutions is banking on to produce results.

Building out targeting options the company already offers (age, gender, mobile device, and in-game surveys), it will now add new features including geolocation ( which enables the delivery of ad contents tailored to a user’s physical location) and mobile usage data to define specific consumer profiles (travelers, online shoppers, movie buffs, etc.).

“Advertising campaigns delivered by Gameloft Advertising Solutions are even more adapted to consumers while ensuring advertisers an exceptional 100 percent visibility rate,” notes the company.

Gameloft Advertising Solutions boasts of having a monthly audience of more than 172 million active players and an inventory of 9 billion mobile impressions.

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