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French Whine About Native Ads France is Least Receptive to Advertising TrendIt wasn’t a nice, French wine and cheese party — it was more like a whine and cheese party, when NativeMobile was made privy to early details of a European advertising study.

Our exclusive sneak peek into soon-to-be-published European ad research suggests that the French are the least receptive of all European consumers to native advertising’s charms.

Interestingly, the French have actually only experienced a “petit morceau” (a little bite) so far. Native advertising hasn’t become a phenomenon in France yet, like it has in the U.S. and UK, but French consumers have already developed a distaste for the practice.

Still, the survey data we saw reveals that 82 percent of the 300 French-speaking consumers surveyed believe that native ads only exist to “deceive and confuse” consumers.


The research indicates that this could prevent the advertising trend from growing legs in France. In other words, native marketers may think they “can-can,” but French consumers are saying, “no, you can’t-can’t.”

We’ll stick with the story to see what happens. In the meantime, brands considering native advertising in France are probably muttering, “Sacré bleu!”

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