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Fighting advertising fraud is every platform’s job these days.

Now AdsNative is partnering with ad-fraud detection company Fraudlogix to fight fake traffic. AdsNative will use Fraudlogix’s IP Block List solution to filter out online ad traffic generated through fraudulent means from the usual suspects: bots, malware-infected devices, data centers, and click farms.

AdsNative is a white label monetization platform specializing in helping publishers monetize their sites with visually integrated ads.

“Ad fraud affects both advertisers and publishers,” according to the official word on the partnership. “For publishers, fraud wastes resources on their ad servers and can make a publisher liable for make-goods. The presence of fraudulent ad traffic also lowers the credibility and quality of publishers, hindering them from getting new ad dollars from potential demand partners.”

The terms of the partnership call for AdsNative to integrate Fraudlogix data directly into its ad server. That will provide the monetization platform pre-bid blocking capabilities for mobile, display, video, in-app, and desktop channels.

“As a monetization platform, protecting the interests of our publishers is of paramount importance,” said Dr. Xuening Sun, VP of Data Products at AdsNative, “(That’s) why we’ve partnered with Fraudlogix to combat these challenges.”

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