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artificial-intelligenceFollowAnalytics, an Enterprise Mobile Success company, is launching a new Mobile Optimization Suite designed to rapidly escalate conversion rates for self optimizing campaigns.

FollowAnalytics has also enhanced its award-winning engagement tools by adding custom messaging templates that allow marketers to create beautifully branded, rich, immersive mobile experiences.

“Understanding the significance that testing plays in digital marketing, and the complexity that multivariate testing can introduce, FollowAnalytics’ new Mobile Optimization Suite leverages machine learning, and in-app and push messaging to allow marketing teams to send the most effective mobile communications possible to their audiences to increase mobile engagement,” the company tells MAW.

Some of the features of the suite include Smart A/B Testing, Segment-Based Optimization, Message Classification, and Optimized AI.

The company’s enhanced mobile engagement tools include:

  • Rich Push and In-App Messaging: Its highly intuitive message builder uses a wizard-like interface that helps marketers create in-app messages that look like native content.
  • Comprehensive Template Library: There are choices among a wide range of templates that include pop-ups, banners, native alerts, or custom formats.
  • Custom Templates: Users can build a library of in-app message templates that match their brand identities using their own custom HTML5, allowing greater control over the layout (not just the format and positioning) to fully match native content.

“Industries such as finance, retail, banking, and travel are now sending push notifications to millions of app users through their mobile devices,” said Samir Addamine, the founder and chairman of FollowAnalytics. “Marketers need an intelligent product that allows them to run multiple testing campaigns simultaneously, guaranteeing the right message goes to the right user at the right time.”

To learn more about the FollowAnalytics Enterprise Mobile Success Platform, click here.

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