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Flashtalking: Here Comes Next Generation Dynamic Video for BrandsMAW heard some serious industry talk this week about Flashtalking, a leading global independent platform for ad delivery, dynamic creative, and data analytics. The company will release an enhanced dynamic video offering, augmenting the cross-screen creative tool kit for advertisers.

“The next generation solution delivers on rising desire in the marketplace for turnkey data driven cross-screen video advertising capabilities — as well as the industry’s most advanced solution to date,” according to the company.

Features of the solution include:

  • Dynamic Scenes — offering options to ensure video ads are contextually relevant and personalized with product detail, copy lines, maps, local weather, and more.
  • Overlays — offering the ability to animate and super-impose offers, imagery, and calls to action bringing video to life.
  • Interactive Microsites — offering the availability of highly engaging, content-rich experiences from video ads, exposing more detailed product info, galleries, and extended video clips to boost brand awareness.
  • Product Hotspots — entailing the promotion of products that are featured in the video.
  • Real-time Product Feed — which will display relevant pricing and personalized messaging in real-time.

“The enhanced Flashtalking dynamic video solution combines unparalleled data driven and programmatic creative approaches to efficiently render, deliver, and measure dynamic video campaigns,” reads a provided statement, allowing clients to achieve better performance and return on ad spend.

Flashtalking is known for its data-driven dynamic creative for display and mobile. Now its instream video will help clients extend existing dynamic strategies across instream and— where applicable — native video formats.

”Data driven dynamic video of this caliber enables advertisers to design for and foster more intense consumer engagement through data driven personalization at scale across desktop, mobile, tablet, set-top, and connected TV,” said Justin Rath, National Director of Technology Innovations at Flashtalking. “They are able to use data to match multiple audience interests and segments, based on multiple targeting rules.”

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