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Fix a Bug on a Live App Makes it Possible for Developers to Do, a startup company that will provide developers a service that will allow them to update and make changes on their apps directly to the end-user, now bridges the gap between the developer and the end-user.

It could help solve a serious issue bedeviling both leading global apps store — Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store.

“ officially launched its service during TechCrunch’s Disrupt San Francisco 2015 event and its primary goal is to give mobile app developers more control for their apps,” according to iDigitalTimes in Australia. “Usually, when there’s a bug or an issue with an app, an update providing a fix needs to be approved first by Apple and or Google before it’s made available to the user.”

But that “gap time” between the identification of a bug and providing an available fix is a big deal that irritates users and leads to bad reviews.

“Submitting a software update for review and approval is surely necessary before letting it be available for the public, but sometimes bugs and issues are pretty minor and don’t really require a full updated version of the app,” notes iDigitalTimes. “That’s why with’s service, developers can now make changes with their live apps just by entering a line of code, forcing a bug fix into the app without going through Apple or Google.”

Cutting out the middleman here might be a fine idea.

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