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There’s something new from xAd Inc, a global leader in location intelligence designed to boost sales for major brands.

The company has launched the industry’s first pay-for-performance model for driving offline visits called “Cost Per Visit.”

“This solution is patent pending and third-party validated by industry leading location measurement firm (Placed) and removes the risk or guesswork of traditional media buying,” according the formal word by xAd. “Now marketers have the option to only pay when in-store visits occur, allowing brands to maximize the power of mobile (understanding a user’s current and/or past location) to deliver right place, right time messaging.”

That’s a big shift in the current modus operandi. This model shifts accountability from the buyer to the partner solution, bringing improved transparency and accountability to the advertising industry. This xAd development strides toward a more advanced performance-based model, takes the complexity out of navigating issues from viewability to ad fraud.

Home Depot and Applebee’s were xAd launch partners for testing of the new solution, now available in the U.S.

“We are at a major inflection point in the retail marketing journey where it’s evident that retailers remain heavily vested in growing offline sales – a smart decision when you consider that more than 90 percent of sales are still happening offline,” said Shashi Seth, the Chief Product Officer at xAd. “Since xAd’s core technology has been built around this predicted behavior, our Cost Per Visit model is the most comprehensive solution for the industry.”

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