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Better App Retargeting myThings ‘MAPP’ Signs Up Kochava, AppsFlyer, adjust, and TUNE for ‘No New SDK’ OptionCould re-engagement be the secret sauce needed by premium mobile apps to stoke better ROI?

YouAppi, a leading mobile growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, thinks so. The company has now expanded its OneRun Platform to include re-engagement.

In fact, data from YouAppi’s initial re-engagement campaigns indicate that 20 to 40 percent of inactive users re-engaged with apps — that’s a rate much greater than typical industry re-engagement rates.

“Most apps lose a majority of their users on the day they are installed,” YouAppi told MAW in a briefing. “That’s why YouAppi’s OneRun platform, since the company’s founding in 2011, was developed to find profitable users based on Post-Install Events, and not to merely deliver installs. Therefore, the company’s machine learning technology is well-suited to finding the inactive users who downloaded an app and who today are most likely to re-engage.”

How does it work? The OneRun Platform re-engagement starts with analysis of the Post-Install Event patterns of an app’s current high value and most active users to determine the relevant segments to target.

“The higher lifetime value users are allocated a higher priority within the targeting algorithms,” according to YouAppi. “Based on this segmentation analysis, the app re-engagement campaign begins by targeting inactive app users via programmatic (RTB) platforms as well as via direct inventory partners. Selected inactive app users are then targeted with deep-linked ads which bring inactive users directly to relevant content – be it the level of a game, a relevant retail product page, an appropriate video or article.”

As the re-engagement campaign progresses, YouAppi’s Optimization Engine maximizes campaign performance by utilizing machine learning algorithms to recommend the best days, dayparts, in-app partners, ad creative, deep links / placements, and re-engagement messages.

“In 2012, when most mobile user acquisition solutions were focused on installs, we built YouAppi’s technology around Post-Install Events which enable finding future users with a high lifetime value based on the usage patterns of existing high value users,” said Moshe Vaknin, the CEO and co-founder of YouAppi. “Today, we already have a platform with technology that was purpose-built for app re-engagement, making this offering a natural extension of the technology platform we’ve been building since 2012.”

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