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Want to turn your Facebook page into a shiny new mobile app? AppsVillage hears you.

The company has launched a platform that creates powerful custom mobile commerce apps in the U.S. both for iPhone and Android. It reportedly works in seconds, with AppsVillage handling all the back end business required.

“Just as businesses need to have a website and Facebook page, it’s also essential today to have an app,” notes the firm in a statement released to MAW. “Many business owners find that creating an app is an extensive, complex, and expensive process, taking weeks or months to complete and costing thousands of dollars. AppsVillage alleviates those concerns by allowing businesses to easily create powerful Apps in seconds, while maintaining the branding and messaging they’ve built on social media with their customer base.”

The apps built by AppsVillage offer powerful features, as well, from push notifications and in-app purchases to coupons, appointment setting, and live chat.

The idea, of course, is to encourage interaction with app users and ultimately boost loyalty and revenues.

“Business owners are experts in their own industries but they might not have the technological expertise to code and build apps,” explained Max Bluvband, a co-founder and current CEO of AppsVillage.

“By going to our website, every business can easily turn its Facebook page into a powerful App within fifteen seconds. We want to level the playing field and help businesses of any size create an amazing App within three simple steps,” Bluvband added.

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