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It’s no secret that busy social media managers need all the convenience they can get. Images and video are typically planned in a very un-social way. And offline tools like Excel are typically used in time consuming fashion to keep track of what images are to be shared and when, leaving teams to work between multiple, fragmented solutions.

That’s the assessment from Viraltag, a company that is reinventing this “antiquated system” with a new shared, team-centric platform.

“Normally, this type of content would need to go through several stages of approval, like the Content Creation team, the Marketing team, etc.,” says Tashween Ali, Director of Social Strategy at Hearst Corporation. “Viraltag’s new ‘Collaboration’ feature will hasten this process.”

So how does it work?

Using Viraltag, teams discuss content and gain efficiency with one-click cross-channel promotion, and marketing departments gain a transparent view into social media ROI. Clients including Conde Nast, Hearst Corporation, AOL Entertainment, Lacoste and H&M rely on Viraltag to share optimally formatted images at the most opportune times to boost engagement and brand credibility.

According to a provided briefing, with Viraltag, draft posts are created and dropped into a real-time collaboration dashboard for comment and review, and team members receive alerts when feedback is given. Administrators can then review suggestions, make changes and approve a post, before releasing it to a scheduling queue. Performance data is aggregated across all social channels for each image and campaign, which the connected team can then use to measure asset effectiveness, and improve future campaigns.

“Social media is all about creating conversation, so we applied that spirit of collaboration into the development of this new feature to help teams collectively improve the quality and effectiveness of their posts,” said Sudheer Someshwara, Viraltag’s founder and CEO.

Later this year, we’re told that Viraltag will introduce integration for AI and chatbot technology, building on the company’s mission of incorporating best practices and emerging technologies into a single platform for quality-focused social media managers and brand marketers.

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