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FIRST LOOK Tapjoy’s In-Game Ads Crush Mobile Industry Norms for Branding MetricsOne of the leading mobile industry’s leading platforms for advertising in mobile games — Tapjoy — is out with new data. And MAW was privy to an advanced first look.

Findings of an extensive study carried out by comScore showed that Tapjoy’s mobile advertising products were found to be significantly more effective for driving lift in key brand metrics compared to mobile norms.

“The two-year study examined 14 campaigns from major global brands including Olive Garden, Dodge, LEGO, Sephora, Norwegian Cruise Line, am/pm, Citi, Huggies, and more,” noted an exclusive release to MAW. “The study found that exposure to Tapjoy’s opt-in, rewarded ad experiences in mobile games positively impacted both upper- and lower-funnel advertising objectives, including driving a 17 point lift in aided awareness and 23 point lift in mobile ad recall over the control groups.”

So, what’s working well?

Tapjoy’s opt-in, rewarded video ads, for one thing.

“Natively integrated into mobile games, these ads were found to be particularly effective for impacting upper-level objectives including brand awareness, ad recall and message association,” according to the report. “The study found that Tapjoy video ads outperformed mobile norms for aided awareness, mobile ad recall and message association by 7.6x, 2x and 5.3x, respectively. Tapjoy’s rich media ad experiences proved exceptionally strong for positively impacting lower-funnel objectives, showing a lift over mobile norms for brand favorability, likelihood to recommend, and purchase/consideration intent by 3.3x, 1.4x and 2.3x, respectively.”

One thing’s for certain: rewarded ads can definitely work some magic.

“These findings provide a clear indication of what many of us in the industry already know — that by integrating rewarded ad experiences into the mobile games that consumers love, brands are able to achieve a significant lift in nearly all important branding metrics,” said Julie Howell, Mobile Director at Carat. “These types of ads are so powerful because they put consumers in control, allowing them to choose which ads to engage with, at which time, in what way, and as a result they help forge a much deeper connection between brands and consumers than brands are able to establish through any other types of ads.”

One big benefit of the Tapjoy platform is that it enables advertisers to integrate their campaigns into contextually relevant in-app moments when consumers are most receptive to engaging with their ads.

“The mobile ad market is growing quickly, but many advertisers are still trying to find the right formula to meet their branding and overall advertising goals,” said Steven Millman, SVP, Research at comScore. “This study with Tapjoy shows that mobile ads, when integrated into mobile games at contextually relevant moments with the right rewards, can deliver strong branding results that help advertisers meet or exceed their objectives. As more brands prove out the efficacy of their mobile ads campaigns, we should see this segment of the digital ad market realize its full potential.”

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