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Tapjoy and Moat have just entered a new partnership to provide Moat’s independent viewability and attention measurements for video ads on Tapjoy’s in-app inventory.

Tapjoy, a platform for mobile advertisers and app developers, will work with SaaS analytics and measurement company Moat to support marketers and publishers.

The partnership will support already stellar metrics.

“Preliminary measurement has shown that Tapjoy’s value exchange model for driving attention and engagement inside mobile gaming apps has outperformed mobile industry benchmarks for viewability, completion rates, audibility rates and other key metrics,” noted a release from the companies.

In fact, in the first quarter of 2017, Tapjoy’s in-app video ads delivered 98 percent viewability, 81 percent completion rates, and high rates of Audibility and Viewability On Completion (AVOC).

Tapjoy’s Maximum Impact Platform provides consumers with access to premium content and other rewards inside their favorite mobile games in exchange for watching videos and engaging with ads.

“Attention is the scarce resource marketers are truly after, and mobile gaming represents a unique opportunity to capture that attention,” said Jonah Goodhart, the CEO and co-founder of Moat. “We’re proud to partner with Tapjoy to provide viewability and attention measurement on their mobile gaming apps and offer advertisers greater transparency into performance in these environments.”

Tapjoy execs are also excited about the new opportunities.

“We applaud Moat’s initiatives in building the independent measurement tools required to help the mobile ad industry reach its full potential,” said Shannon Jessup, CRO at Tapjoy. “Our existing advertising clients already know that our opt-in, high-definition, rewarded video ads deliver exceptional results, which is why they continually re-invest their budgets with us. The availability of Moat’s measurement data should go a long way towards helping new brands benefit from our proven model as well.”

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