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Providing hard core data to back up generally held perceptions, YouAppi released new research verifying the retail sector’s move to mobile.

A leading mobile growth marketing platform for premium brands, YouAppi uncovered tremendous growth in the download of retail apps in key global markets including the U.S., India, Indonesia, Brazil, UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, France, China, Russia, and Japan.

The research, culled from analysis of campaigns for 1,300 leading international retail apps in 183 countries, revealed this surprising data: Retail App Downloads in Q1 2017 exceeded Q4 2016, despite the fact that historically, Q4 is the strongest quarter for retail (Q1 is historically the weakest).

What’s driving the strong growth in Retail App Downloads?

“Reasons include the always on and by your side presence of mobile devices, the decline of retail foot traffic, and the ability to compare prices and showroom with mobile,” noted a YouAppi statement emailed to MAW. “Furthermore, the improvements in mobile targeting technologies which enable retailers to target prospective users with KPI-based metrics to ensure that they’re spending money on profitable users.”

That’s the formula working for YouAppi client Tophatter. The use of 90 second auctions in which users win deals like 80 percent off on jewelry, electronics, beauty, and fashion has created an entertaining and exciting marketplace. User acquisition is precise and cost-effective, as YouAppi is able to deliver users according to their Cost for First Purchase KPI, ensuring that Tophatter is acquiring profitable users.

“YouAppi is delivering profitable users at scale for Tophatter by focusing on the Cost of First Purchase KPI, ensuring that we’re gaining the right users at the right cost,” said Diem Nguyen, Digital Marketing Manager at Tophatter.

Indeed, the trend lines are showing commerce moving to mobile. Today, 45 percent of shopping trips include some mobile shopping.

YouAppi’s “Future of Retail” infographic has more details. Check it out here.

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