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MAW was first to learn this week that PadSquad is launching five new mobile rich media ad formats as part of a “broader industry rollout” showcasing its creative-first, mobile advertising platform.

Additional news from the company is anticipated in the days ahead.

As for the new ad formats, they include Chatter Bot, Mosaic, Glide, Reveal and Switch Screen, all of which are in public use by premium brands and publishers working with PadSquad.

“The standard approach to mobile in-stream ads disrupt user experiences and don’t leave positive impressions on consumers,” Daniel Meehan, CEO of PadSquad, told MAW in a written statement. “We take a multi-dimensional, interactive and unique approach to each brand we work with to transform new mobile ad formats into customized brand experiences.”

All told, in the past year, PadSquad has introduced more than a dozen new mobile ad formats that don’t interrupt the user or the design of a website.

“As the mobile ad industry moves toward increasingly automated and easily scalable solutions, who is left focusing in on the creative?” asks Meehan. “Everyone is trying to solve mobile advertising’s problems with technology, but few are taking the time to overlay iterative creative solutions in tandem with ad tech. We’re having fun shaking things up.”

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