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First Look New Mobile Video Ads Offer Tactile EffectsMAW was privy to an exclusive first look at a new mobile video ads format offering innovative tactile effects.

The Opera Mediaworks crew, working in tandem with Immersion Corporation, will announce today the launch of touch-enhanced mobile advertising on Opera’s mobile ad platform.

This capability, we’re told, is powered by Immersion’s haptic technology called TouchSense Engage.

So what does it all mean? These unique touch-enhanced ads provide brands and advertisers “an impactful new medium with which they can engage consumers’ attention on mobile devices.”

The first brand advertiser to step up and test out the new format is Stoli. Stoli’s new mobile advertising campaign features tactile effects, we’re told.

“Haptic feedback is no longer a simple buzz, or a mere notification of a message,” says Mike Owen, EVP of North America Sales at Opera Mediaworks. “With sophisticated haptic effects, a series of unique vibrations can evoke real-world meaning, like the thumps of a heartbeat or the feel of an approaching car – which is a significant new creative capability for advertisers. We are excited to offer it on our mobile ad platform.”

If it’s difficult to picture how the ads look, check out the video of Stoli’s campaign shared with us below.

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