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Big news from LinkedIn. The social network for business professionals is launching Matched Audiences, which the company bills as “a set of targeting capabilities that gives marketers the unique ability to combine LinkedIn’s powerful professional data with their own first-party data.”

Matched Audiences is designed to spur greater engagement with key accounts, prospects, and audiences via three new capabilities: Website Retargeting, Account Targeting, and Contact Targeting.

“With Matched Audiences you can use LinkedIn to retarget your website visitors, market to your contacts from your customer databases and marketing automation platforms, and reach decision makers at target companies for your account-based marketing programs,” LinkedIn says. “Matched Audiences helps increase ROI by enabling you to focus your efforts on the audiences and accounts that are most likely to drive revenue.”

Matched Audiences works with all LinkedIn advertising products, such as LinkedIn Sponsored Content, LinkedIn Sponsored InMail, and other ad formats.

Website Retargeting allows businesses to create target audiences from their website visitors. Account Targeting allows a secure upload of a CSV list of company names matched against the nearly 12 million company pages on LinkedIn. Contact Targeting, developed to promote engagement with prospects and contacts on LinkedIn, allows uploading of email addresses or a direct connect to Marketo, Oracle Eloqua, or LiveRamp (and other platforms in the future).

An extensive pilot program delivered high ROI and lowered costs. On average, customers using Matched Audiences enjoyed:

  • A 30 percent increase in CTR and a 14 percent drop in post-click cost-per-conversion with Website Retargeting.
  • A 32 percent increase in post-click conversion rates and 4.7 percent drop in post-click cost-per-conversion with Account Targeting.
  • A 37 percent increase in click rate (CTR) with Contact Targeting.

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