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Arkadium, known for creating visual, interactive content for more than 450 leading publishers, will soon launch “Asky,” an in-article, interactive content solution.

Asky allows publishers to create custom quizzes and polls that can easily be embedded on their pages. Asky is the first of several new in-article content solutions Arkadium has on the drawing board for 2017.

“We are excited to launch Asky, our first in-article technology solution for publishers,” said Jessica Rovello, the CEO and co-founder of Arkadium. “Platforms like Facebook are increasingly cannibalizing media content. As a result, publishers are demanding tools that help their editorial teams build contextual interactive content that engages readers and keeps them on-site.”

A self-serve technology, Asky allows editorial teams to effortlessly create custom quizzes and polls in support of their articles. Publishers see this as another way to increase in-article engagement, as well as session duration, retaining users for longer periods. Improved monetization is another goal.

“The product comes with a growing library of more than 200 journalist-written quizzes and polls that can be used out-of-the-box, or customized as needed,” Arkadium told MAW. “These quizzes and polls are guaranteed to be brand-safe, copy-edited to AP style and with rights-cleared images. They are developed by Arkadium’s expert editorial team, which includes current and former contributors to publications as diverse as The New York Times, Bleacher Report and TMZ. New quizzes and polls are published every week, free for Asky users.”

More Asky information is available here.

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