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AOL has just announced the beta launch of Smart Yield, which we’re told is a mobile-first solution that solves the challenge of leveling the demand bidding playing field for mobile publishers.

So how does it work? By creating a unified auction, Smart Yield provides advertisers with the inventory they want and mobile publishers and app developers with the opportunity to gain the highest possible yield for each impression, AOL explains.

According to the official word on the launch, Smart Yield brings the benefits of desktop-based header bidding in-app, allowing mobile publishers and app developers globally to bypass the traditional waterfall and get the full value of an app’s audience.

Additionally, Smart Yield offers the first-ever server-to-server and client-side hybrid mobile header bidding solution, which eliminates the latency associated with multiple monetization partners and improves consumer experience.

“With the death of the waterfall comes a new opportunity for publishers,” said Matt Gillis, SVP, Publisher Platforms at AOL. “As they have seen success with header bidding across their desktop inventory, they want to see that play out across all screens. And as ad spend on mobile has increased, the need to bring the concept of header bidding to mobile in-app experiences has, too. We are excited to launch Smart Yield, which will give mobile publishers the power to capitalize on their inventory and maximize yield.”

To check out Smart Yield for yourself, click here.

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