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MAW was privy to an advance look on Tuesday from the big news being announced by the team at ADYOULIKE — a global artificial intelligence driven native advertising platform.

The company has just confirmed the integration of anti-fraud technology from Integral Ad Science (IAS), a data and technology company that empowers the advertising industry to effectively influence consumers everywhere.

We’re told that the integration in question protects advertisers using the ADYOULIKE platform from incurring the costs of illegal bot activity, fraudulent URLs and other page-level fraud.

All told, such threats are otherwise becoming increasingly more costly. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), these activities are responsible for a loss of approximately $8.2B a year in the US alone.

By combining IAS’ rigorously-tested, proprietary technology with its IBM Watson artificial intelligence-powered brand safety solution, ADYOULIKE now offers an unprecedented level of confidence to advertisers. The IAS technology protects ads from being placed on fraudulent properties and bot-driven traffic, while the ADYOULIKE AI technology ensures placements are relevant based on content and sentiment.

“Combining IAS technology with our solution is a big move for us, enabling our platform to better combat two of the biggest challenges in our industry: ad fatigue and ad fraud,” stated Francis Turner, U.S. General Manager & Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) of ADYOULIKE. “With the built-in assurance that you’re getting real traffic from real people and the knowledge that every ad appears where it is contextually relevant, we feel we’ve now got the safest platform as well as the most effective way to advertise.”

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