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MAW scored an exclusive sneak peek at the big news from Eyeota.

A global leader for audience data shared with us this week the breaking news that the company has partnered with Adbrain, a leading provider of intelligent cross-device technology solutions, to extend Eyeota’s audience data from desktop into mobile.

Eyeota’s new mobile data, we’re told, “will reflect consumer behavior in both the mobile app and mobile web environments.”

Per the details shared, the data will be available to marketers via demand side platforms.

Consequently, marketers will be able to use Eyeota’s new mobile audiences to “better target consumers on their mobile devices as they browse the web and engage with their apps.”

“Adbrain has a unique position in the market by being independent of media, which allows the company to be laser-focused on the quality of its data,” said Kevin Tan, CEO of Eyeota. “Adbrain’s commitment to ensuring its data is of the highest quality matches our own. As more marketers continue to invest heavily in mobile, our partnership puts us in a great position to provide mobile data segments that help marketers take their campaigns to the next level.”

More details about the partnership is expected to be released today.

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