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The Fight Against Fraud Can Integral Ad Science's New Lab Help Detect Advertising DeceptionsThe fight against fraud may be picking up steam.

Integral Ad Science, a global provider of “actionable” advertising intelligence for buyers and sellers of digital media, is launching an “Anti-Fraud Lab” to develop new anti-fraud solutions for the advertising industry.

The new lab will take a so-called “holistic approach” to probing the forces driving advertising fraud and, in turn, coming up with ways to safeguard the industry from its scourge.

Specifically, the lab and its leaders are going to comprehensively explore the inner workings of fraudulent transactions and, perhaps most importantly, analyze that which incentivizes fraud and leads to the channels for committing fraud.

According to the company, Integral will expand its work with experts in various industries and premier academic institutions to work together as well as share knowledge in broader fraud research.

The main goal? To “improve the advertising environment for publishers, agencies and marketers alike, while contributing critical insights and intelligence to fight against other forms of digital fraud and cybercrime.”

The thing that gives Integral a leg up is that the firm processes hundreds of billions of impressions monthly. As a result, the company is able to analyze the industry on a broad and representative level across multiple media metrics.

“Fraud has become an increasingly large issue in the advertising industry, which is why we are dedicated to developing the best technology and tools possible to help combat it,” says fraud-fighting veteran Jason Shaw, Integral’s director of data science. “The capabilities of this lab will enable us to disrupt ad fraud and other deceptive behavior in all its forms, as well as participate in exciting efforts against cybercrime around the world.”

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